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InfoRisk - Tibco BusinessWorks:

Tibco BusinessWorks is one of the best tools available, for rapidly developing Enterprise Application Integration solutions. However, it is a complex tool, with a number of intricacies, that is most effective in experienced hands.

If you have an EAI requirement, we can help. Our Business Analysts are adept at producing concise requirements that our BW technical experts can translate immediately into practical applications.

If you do not yet have a BusinessWorks infrastructure, we can also handle the BW system administration and recommend best practices.

Obviously we offer life-time support, maintenance and any required changes to EAI solutions we have engineered.

BusinessWorks is a great product for EAI solutions that need to be implemented rapidly or which change frequently. In the longer, term, for stable interfaces and customisations, it can be less cost effective. There are significant costs involved in maintaining a BW infrastructure. At InfoRisk, our knowledge of BusinessWorks combined with expertise in bespoke java development can provide an answer. We can readily re-implement BW solutions into standalone Java applications. This simplifies your infrastructure and maintenance costs. In fact, the cost of such redevelopment, can quickly pay for itself.