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InfoRisk - Cloud Secure:

Cloud computing is a buzzword for many people at the moment. For us Cloud computing is business as usual and an extension of what we have been doing for years.

Although there are now many Cloud providers, they are do not all provide the same product or service. There are many different ways to use the Cloud and many types of Cloud based computing services. We have implemented projects for customers using Amazon EC2 and Rackspace.

Although it is tempting to consider the cloud as an easy way to manage computing resources, there are many issues and also opportunities, once an application is moved into the Cloud. It is not a case of deploy and forget.

We can advise on your move to the Cloud. We can also implement Cloud based applications for you.

Some of the issues relating to the Cloud, include security, data protection and business continuity in the event of failure in the primary Cloud provider. Some of the opportunities include scaling, and geographic specific experience for the end-user.

Some of the typical Cloud related questions, to which we already have the answers, include:

  • How can we achieve or maintain PCI / DSS security levels in the Cloud ?
  • What benefits will our end-users experience once we move to the Cloud ?
  • How do we keep running when the primary Cloud provider has an outage ?
  • How can we ensure that data stored in the Cloud is compliant with national Data Protection legislation ?
  • How can we securely use a relational database such as Oracle in the Cloud ?

Cloud computing is one of the most exciting new areas in IT today. We would like to help you take advantage of it. Please contact us, so that we can.