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InfoRisk - Java / J2EE:

Although we are proficient with other programming languages, Java is our programming environment of choice, for our own development projects and for those of customers.

We have implemented all types and sizes of Java development projects. From small standalone applications, mobile applications, to more commonly large Internet facing Web-sites.

Out customers, for software development, include multi-national companies such as Turaz (formerly Thomson Reuters), Tier-1 banks in several countries as well as companies whose business is purely on the Internet and which depend on our software and expertise, for their entire enterprise applications. On such customer is a large IPSP processing thousands of credit cards daily, on the Internet.

We use Java extensively in EAI and Internet facing applications. Java is used across all the tiers of the application. In conjunction with Java, we often use GWT or jQuery in the GUI, Hibernate for the object-relational mapping and data abstraction layer and Spring Framework throughout. If your requirements specify alternative technologies, we are happy to work with those. We are familiar with many Java related frameworks and APIs

We are completely prepared to undertake your Java development project. However, if you wish, we can also advise and help you create an in-house Java development centre. Further, we can advise on all aspects of outsourcing and off-shoring development and creating virtual development teams.

Please contact us regarding any software development requirement that you have. We will be pleased to propose our services, as you require.