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InfoRisk - Kondor+ Suite:

We have had a long relationship with Misys (formerly Thomson Reuters Risk Management ) and their FusionCapital Kondor and FusionRisk suite of products. In fact we have been working with Kondor+ since version 1.9 in 1997. Having worked on large Kondor+ projects, for major banks in several countries, our consultants know Kondor+ inside out.

We normally undertake complete Kondor+ projects for bank customers. These have included full green-field site implementations, including the largest such system in Europe. We have also performed upgrade projects, customisations to Kondor+ and many interfaces between Kondor+ and other applications.

Our team of Kondor+ consultants includes project managers, application functional specialists and technical consultants, all with several years experience on the suite.

We can help you with projects on any of the Kondor+ Suite products, including Kondor+, KGL, KGR, KTP, K+TP and Kirl.

Although we have a long and successful relationship with Misys, we are completely independent from them. This allows us to advise you and undertake projects, without any commercial pressure to use a particular solution. In fact some customers have asked us to implement their Kondor+ systems, because of this independence. Another advantage, is if you are considering moving away from Kondor+, we can also help on migration projects to other applications.