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InfoRisk - Top Office:

Top Office is the next generation of applications from Turaz (formerly Thomson Reuters), after Kondor+ Suite and Kirl. Initially Top Office is offering ALM solutions, beyond what is possible with Kirl. However, in the longer term, it will be a complete framework for banking risk management applications.

Whereas the older generation of Turaz products are proprietary and non extensible, Top Office is based on an open framework using industry standard technologies. This approach allows configuration and extension of the applications based on Java APIs.

According to Turaz: "TopOffice is a market-proven, holistic risk management frame work for the real–time aggregation and management of risk exposures."

Due to our close relationship with Turaz, we have been fortunate enough to be amongst the first consultancy companies to have experience with this platform.

If you are considering using Top Office products, please contact us and we can tell you how we can help.