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InfoRisk - Oracle RDBMS:

In our opinion Oracle is simply the best relational database management system (RDBMS) for online transaction processing (OLTP) and other applications. Our database consultants prefer working with it, because it is simply streets ahead of anything else.

Many people think of Oracle as a top-end solution for large, intensive database applications. However, Oracle DB has many benefits for smaller enterprises and applications as well.

It pays, to get the selection and design of a database schema right very early in a project. For many products, once built in, it is impossible to change the chosen RDBMS. Our studies have also shown that making a change to the underlying DB schema, after go-live can cost as much as 20x the original development cost.

Also, getting the schema design right early and having professionally designed stored procedures, can result in huge performance benefits once the application scales.

We have DBAs trained and experienced in Oracle deployment and administrations. We also have specialist database designers who can give your application a sound persistency layer. Our Java developers are proficient in Hibernate and other database abstraction and object relational mapping (ORM) technologies, to make best use of the database in Java applications.

There is an obvious current trend towards cloud computing. Moving the RDBMS into the cloud has many implications, not just technical. There are issues of product licensing, data security, data protection, etc. We can advise on these aspects as well.