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InfoRisk - Ajax Push:

Applications delivered by web browser are ubiquitous these days. The technologies of web browsers are based on polling the server for data and updating that data with periodic refreshes. In many cases, especially in financial environments, this is not tolerable. True real-time delivery of data is required. That means the data must be pushed from the server to the browser as soon as it is available. Various mechanisms exist to achieve this, however they can be classes as Ajax Push technologies.

In collaboration with PSB, InfoRisk undertook a study of current and future technologies. We evaluated various mechanisms and also developed frameworks, APIs and products to help implement Ajax Push. The full report is available on request.

In short, Ajax Push can currently be provided with mechanisms known as Comet. In the near future, WebSockets offer the possibility to implement a cleaner and more flexible solution. InfoRisk can help your organisation implement projects based on these technologies